Saturday, March 28, 2009

Laura's Laundry Tips

This is our goal right?

I never dreamed that an empty laundry basket could bring me such happiness. I have been thinking about sharing my strategy for keeping up on laundry. So thanks to my friend for bringing it up. :)

I say "keeping up" on laundry instead of "getting it done", because...let's face it...Laundry is NEVER done. At least in my house. So, to keep my husband from getting frustrated every Sunday morning, because his white Sunday shirt is either dirty or wrinkled or both, I use a little schedule.

It goes a little like this:

Monday: Mind the Blues (darks)
Tuesday: Toss in the Towels
Wednesday: Wash the Whites
Thursday: Think Light (light colors)
Friday: Find the Jeans
Saturday: Save the Sheets
Sunday: NO day.

Someone used this cute little motto: A LOAD A DAY KEEPS THE PILES AWAY!

The goal for me is to toss in a load to the washer first thing in the morning, throw it in the dryer before I leave and then fold the clothing on my lunch or when I get home. Sometimes I forget to change it to the dryer before I leave, but oh well, the fact that they are clean is what matters right? I also try to do any ironing, etc, IMMEDIATELY upon removing them from the dryer, that way I save time later. Besides, let's not forget that the whole system revolves around my husband's happiness with his white shirt.

This whole laundry routine when added together takes about 20-25 minutes total (5 min. to sort out the colors, 5 min to load/start washer, 2 min to switch from wash to dry and about 10 min (give or take, depending upon the load) to fold.) So in reality it only takes about 20-25 minutes total to do your laundry instead of spending an ENTIRE WEEKEND catching up. Creating more family time!

Now, I can't really take all the credit for this little system. A website that has helped me get my routines down as a working wife is FLYLADY.NET. I don't do everything she says, mostly because I am not that obsessive about perfect clean house. But a lot of the tips and tricks that she suggests help me to keep a little sanity.


And...some great crockpot recipes? Try this website, I have never tried it myself, but as a self claimed expert she seems to have the crockpot scene down.


  1. Thanks Laura!! You're so smart. I knew you'd have some good advice for me!

  2. I have found it much less stress to have everyone do their OWN laundry Laura -- including Devon. That way, if something is not "ready" it's not my fault! Devon has done his own laundry since we married, 25 years ago. The kids start doing their own laundry around 10-12. One load of lights, one of darks, sheets and towels. I love my laundry system!