Friday, January 8, 2010

Gone But Not Forgotten

I have neglected this blog for some time now, but with the start of this New Year I have many new goals, projects, and aspirations to conquer. As I thought about the things I hope to accomplish in my life I decided to make this blog a place where I can record them. I have many friends who achieved so much in their lives and I truly admire them. They have inspired me to do more and be a better me, so while I was doing my pondering how I could do this I started thinking of all the things I love to do: being a great mom and loving wife, cooking, cleaning (yes cleaning-I feel proud of a clean house), crafting, and decorating. These things make me happy, and I believe that the best way to be our better selves is to truly be happy. I look forward to sharing these things and hope to possibly provide ideas or advice that can be beneficial to someone else as my friends have for me. Happy 2010 everybody!

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