Friday, February 20, 2009

Brooke's advice for UPSET TUMMIES

This is one topic that I'd love more advice on. However, this is the advice I have to offer:

1. I always keep a can of powdered Gatorade on hand. I know that for little ones Pedialyte is preferred but it always seems like upset tummies come in the middle of the night when going to the store is a huge inconvenience. Powdered Gatorade lasts forever in your cupboard and it is easier on stomachs than water or juice. Gatorade has more sodium than Pedialyte, so for little ones just water it down.

2. Popsicles also work well for upset stomachs since they allow your body to absorb the electrolytes and sugar slowly. Plus they taste pretty good!

3. This one is my Mom's trick: Drink Jello! I know, it sounds weird. But dissolve the jello in hot water and drink it as a hot soothing drink. It might sound gross, but this is my favorite thing to do for myself when I don't feel well. Plus, you can make jigglers out of whatever you don't drink. So, I like to keep boxes of Jello on hand too to avoid a trip to the store when you really don't feel like it.

What are your ideas?

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